Sunday, March 13, 2011

how one person can

have you heard?
the MLA representing pang?
i mean its pretty embarrassing
going all over the news and whatnot

sure i get it, people get into trouble all the time
but a person who is supposed to be more responsible
than anyone else from pang is not doing his job at all

we should step up and demand of his removal
any elected person should not be doing such shit as he did
it's embarrassing as having all of the people
of pang having their pants pulled down

don cherry

i hope don cherry will read this one day
because i think he would find it funny
and suiting as well.

i was watching hockey last night
started seeing don cherry and his usual rants
and it reminded me of inuit political organizations

you see, mr. cherry likes to talk and talk
opinions are his trademarks and he has a lot of them
and he is always mostly negative
accusing people and thinks he is always right

and that is how inuit org and the government are a lot like
they love to talk and accuse and saying shit that doesn't
always make sense

we have to stop and realize what is going on
look at ron maclean
he is usually calm and usually brings things back to
normal and tries to calm things down
he is levelled and listens

maybe we as inuit should stop and think before
we go on making accusations and mouth off

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Useful Information

Since i have been in Pang for the last month
i have a been reading and watching movies
and playing video games.

i have no such thing as a hurrying
or being rushed to do anything
just cruising by and eating and doing
other bodily functions.

yes, its true, i do get bored and i look
for something to do and sometimes i find it.

The last time i stayed at this house
for so long was when i housesat at the age of 16
and i barely leave sometimes

i sometimes congratulate myself and pat myself in the back
because i used to hate this place, dreaded it
and look at me now, i even go to the co-op and northern
and once i've been to the post office

for the sake of doing something,
i ask my father if there is something to do
and yes, of course, he has something to do
like make a qamutik, from scratch and i help in anyway
and after the last nail i picked out all the wood scraps and wood shavings

or this other time, i made an ulu, or
finished it part ways and gave up on it.

or the times i played video games with my qangia
and killed russians and zombies

or the time i go sliding with my little niece
and she says wee

but most times i just read a book or wikipedia
and today i learned something about the
roman catholic church's bureaucracy

or about this plane that flew right around the earth
in ninety something hours

or how gaddafi is trying ever so hard to cling to power
and how mubarak fell from his power hold

or about nardwuar the human serviette who asks questions to
celebrities and how some don't like him

and i even make lunch sometimes

but what is useful about this you ask?

its useful because i have a dried apple core on my
dresser, its been there since yesterday
or my dirty laundry on the floor collecting dust
or that my father told me to wipe the grime off my kamiks

this is more useful than anything else in the world
it matters more than people fighting for democracy
it matters more because it doesn't do anything
and things that don't do anything don't get enough credit

sometimes in life, no matter what people tell you
you just have to do nothing for a while
and i can give you that advice because i am really good at it
doing nothing and been doing for a while

from pang,
yours sincerely
a guy doing nothing