Monday, June 10, 2013

I Am Alive

I breathe,
My muscles twitch
my tendons sore

i slept too much
too little
too lightly

i feel
the sun,
the wind,

I hear the
the small birds

I scan the horizon
for seals
of any kind

i sighted my rifle
shot at small rocks
shattered when hit

this is the life
i wanted

whenever i hunt
i feel alive,

there is a certain
fear that comes with hunting

but you fight it
because you have a goal
of catching food for family

there is a reward

sweat starts pouring
down your back, face
and your senses become alive

i start breathing harder
my sight becomes better,
my hearing increases

you realize what you are doing
has been felt by ancestors
before me

its the feeling
this connection,
in return makes you feel alive