Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Shaved This Morning

Hello world!
I am just a skinny Eskimo
Not very fit either
i don't eat seal everyday
i don't like igunaq (fermented meat)
I don't even have my own ski-doo
nonetheless a dog team

Hello world!
this morning, i shaved.

If you've met some awesome
Eskimos in your life,
you'll notice we like to say
"the cold doesn't bother me"
"I like to go out hunting and camping"
"mmm, raw foods"
and so on

but rarely do we here of an Eskimo
"I shaved this morning"
because it's a pretty momentous
occasion, probably deserving
a round of applaus
or an announcement through the radio
or a status update on facebook

i am, as you can tell, rather proud
that i shaved this morning
because i do so only once a week
and it hasn't even grown fully
just a millimeter long
and its only a small mustache
even little kids make fun of it

for instance, in Ottawa
one of my good friend's son,
when he was a small boy, once asked:
can i touch your little mustache?
or when a student of mine drew a picture
of me with small dot representing my mustache

Hello world!
i shaved this morning
and it is a brand new day
i expect the brightest of days