Monday, February 3, 2014

High And Mighty

There a comes a time in a man's employment
when he just has had enough of all the bullshit
when he just feels that it is too much and just writes about it on his blog.

Ok, i have been quiet about this.
I think i used to be like that before,
being racist and had an attitude towards other races
as if they don't deserve the respect

But, fortunately i have matured.
although, not by much. but i have much better understanding
and its in the matter of how you approach people
we all have jobs

i have co workers that just slam
the qallunaaq co workers
speak inuktitut to them as if they understand
when they really have no clue

but a rude attitude is a rude attitude
in any language

just because you live here and work here
as an inuk.
does not give you a right to be a bitch about it
does not give you a right
to talk down to people
in any language that you speak

you are not the absolute
these qallunaaq's you speak so rudely to,
are here because they want to be, not
because they want your job

they are genuine people, people with
hearts, heartbreaks, issues of their own,
children, family and spouses

sometimes, i seriously just want to slap you
because they're our friends, families and everything else in between
some people just really need to learn
the concept of love, generosity and empowerment