Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How Do You Do?

I am sorry. i haven't attended this blog in a really long time. I have been having a great summer so far and I'm welcoming the fall to be. I last wrote sometime back in the spring. I really don't know what else to write either. I have been seeing this magnificent woman for the past 11 months now, so I have been gloriously occupied with her. I have been going out hunting. I have done nothing in the most part. i have just existed in the fringes of society, occasionally stepping out to say hi. Lastly, i have just been lazy to write. There are many things to report. Of course, I have no pictures. Only a few but not really willing to post them as well. Like i said, i am lazy. Where do i start before i start repeating myself. This summer, my cousin and I have been going out hunting. Seal hunting. Whaling. Fishing. i am rather proud to say that i did harpoon a whale. Not a very big beluga but a whale nonetheless. It was awesome. We did catch a bunch of seals as well. Not a lot of fish but we did catch some fish too. My cousin is awesome. My father also got a brand new aluminum boat from Newfoundland. So we put a new cabin onto it. We have been happy for the most time. My and my girlfriend also took a trip to Ontario for about ten days. It was tiring to say the least. Its a very complicated story that we rather not talk about. We did go shopping, which is kind of a tradition for anyone from Nunavut going down south. I am back to teaching this fall. I teach Aulajaaqtut in the local high school part time. Its a pretty good job. i like the students that i have. thats seems to be the extent of what i have done since i last wrote. I didn't go into detail at all. I think being in this community, being in a relationship, having awesome friends and being a step-father, has made me pretty busy and giving less time to write. Yours truly. P.S. I will try to write more often