Monday, July 18, 2011

Gangstas of Pang!


just to complete this mission
gots to do a redefinition
along with that
create a whole new nation
full of recognition
along with that
you wanna be part of the creations
designed by a bunch of post-asians?

Left Eye:

Fucking nerds, mothafuckas
making thousands, mothafuckas
driving around in snowmobiles
on a bunch of mothafucking snow piles
going hundreds of miles per hour
using whole lot of power

working for the government, mothafuckas
being great bureaucrats, with no gats,
we ain't no mothafucking rats,
our shirts don't even match
mismatching words, doing hip-hop chords
pretty soon we'll be winning all the awards
we are the town nerds,
making thousands - working our way up to millions
pretty soon eradicating the stupids

Gangstas of Pang mothafuckas
playing with words mothafuckas
not only is it the name of our community
it also has a definition in the fucken dictionary
actually we're nice, not even scary
we're not nervous to do community service
and understand if we're being cursive
we're not trying to be abusive
didn't you know,
there are so many ways of being creative

so here we go

Tommy Tsunami:

redesigning, without compromising
a whole new community
with nerdy brutality
taking in the statistics of mortality
applying them into reality
we'll fucken make you aware
of all this totality
we'll take you on a learning spree
while drinking Tetly tea
our mothafuckin' role model is Mr. T

this town of mountains
has a total of 12 water fountains
located around town
divided into three: kuu akia, up and down
ooohhh, we can be so fucken proud
but that doesn't mean life gets easy
we love our food being greasy
our goal is to be cheesy

a sharp sudden spasm of pain, emotional distress
a sudden brief sharp feeling, as loneliness,
physical pain or hunger, loud as thunder
you see that table? you better get under!
you recognize? imagine the prize and the size
but you won't realize its veil of disguise
you hear the cries? all of 'em out of happiness
not craziness.

Gum baLL MaSheen:

from end to end, we are going to tend the land
raise our hand and let us stand in support of this
whatever it is. I think it would be the easiest

if i were to create gangstas, we'd be the nice gangstas
carrying groceries, being nice to old men and ladies
not doing any damages, picking up the garbages
giving out oranges, trying to learn different languages

Good thing i'm not a rapper huh. Look out Tupac, oh shit, he's dead already. Um, look out Jay Z. I just might take the industry by storm, Pang storm to be more specific.

the end.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Home to Somewhere

A while back, i wrote about being home and not feeling like it was home.

Sometimes everyone has to correct their words
and i am doing so right now

I have found home.
i don't know which emotion to express
i'm not just happy
or contented
i am pretty excited.

home is the freedom that you find
not just freedom to do anything
but freedom to live.

by living is to be part of something

as much as i tried to be part of something
i never went as far as to be part of a community
and just as everything else, it takes work to live
and as well being part of the community.

what i've realized
is community doesn't come to you
you come to the community.
(i know, it sounds cheesy)

and to have neighbours, even if its just one family
but to visit and live in the same community as your neighbour
is important

i have a neighbour who visits me and i visit him
almost everyday

And its true: visit your parents
go eat with them, everyday if possible
if you can't visit, call them.

and eat with people
go to gatherings if you can

I like it here
not all the time
but an appreciation
that i've never had for it,
something new
has grown inside
wherever that is.

maybe its just a sign of maturity
if it is
its about time it showed up
if its different, or not,
i still appreciate it.

i went home to somewhere