Monday, May 28, 2012

Agressive Salmon Hoodie

It feels like it has been years since i last posted on my blog. Seriously, i have not been very busy. I have been teaching at the high school since February. I am a substitute teacher. I teach the Aulajaaqtut course. Its a pain explaining what the course is, but in a sentence, it is a course that offers healthy lifestyle choices. I sometimes debate myself if i am fit to teach the course. So, as part of my awesome job (i love it) i get to go on trips to the south. i chaperoned students, grades 10 and 11, to a very nice city called Rockland, Ontario. The students were up here in April and we went down there in May. It was a very good exchange, in most parts. As you know, if you work with students, there are parts where it is rather difficult with some students. And of course there were students that were just brats. The highlights of the trip were: zip lining, camping, rock climbing and roller coasters at leRonde. We had families in Rockland as well, our qallunaat families. They were very nice and very dedicated to our well being and enjoyment. They made sure everyone was enjoying their time in Rockland. There were times when something really funny happens. Like the time when one of the students screamed at the top of their lungs when a small bug flew or walked by her. She was terrified. She was funny. Or the time when one of the students wenbt boating and caught some fish or the same student was actually at the school studying with his "twin". i feel like i am just filling this page with something not such good writing. i am just writing. So now, i will say, working with students is awesome. you learn something about yourself, and the social structure of students. The interaction of students from different cultures is a real study in social interactions and conflict resolutions. As you will see, the title of my post has nothing to do with my trip. My good friend Mike, told me that my shirt, which is pink, was gay. I didn't like his comment, and i tried saying something along the lines of saying that its not gay, so he said it is an agressive salmon colour. That is my post!