Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Maybe there is no reason to suggest ideas from my mind,
Maybe there is a time when writing is not very useful,
Maybe writing is just not that worth it when you have something going good,
Maybe when you feel contented?

If i could write songs like Neil Young,
I would do so right now,
Explaining why...
Why writing is as they say,
Best when is comes in bursts,
In whatever ways it comes through,
Negative or positive, it is a way of coping,
Also it can be immensely boring!

This right now, whatever i have is, pretty good.
Living in Ottawa i would think,
"There is so much to write about up there"
Not true.

Actually, I've seen way more noteworthy events and stories
Experiences that i thought i'd really like to write about
But nah! Not true.
I think it has to do with your perceptions and observations
and what your mind is "clouded" with.

What i thought was writing about entrails of animals were
Culturally encouraging and promotions of inuit values
Eating seal livers was too great to not be written about
Hunting with your brothers as blogworthy isn't much true.

What happens is, i think, you actually start realizing
Some stuff are best not being written at all
Just because people say our literacy rate is too low
Does not mean we have to always write about those subjects
Those are best done only through experience
Only by hunting will you actually know what hunting is.

I'm taking the advice of Bukowski on this
And i try to take it seriously
When he says to write only when you feel confident about it
Not that i'm un-confident about my writing
I just want it to be perfect as much as i possibly
Can make it perfect and understandable.

This is it.
this is the

One handles truths like dynamite. Literature is one vast hypocrisy, a giant deception, treachery. All writers have concealed more than they revealed.
-Anais Nin