Friday, April 30, 2010

a pulled muscle and picking grey hairs

one day i had a nap and i woke up with a pulled muscle on my back. i don't know if i am growing old (finally) or i am really unfit. so here i am with the pang mountains in the background and it feels like june already when it is only the end of april. is it global warming? or are we just more aware of the envioronment to finally notice any change?

to tell the truth, i really don't feel like writing right now. maybe its the lack of weed or the lack of that delicious - greatest invention in the world - beer but i don't have the itching to write. maybe its the lack of books and bookstores. whatever it is, i am doing this because i feel obligated to.

when i came through town i went to the local library and went to go check on the internet and see what was available on the bookshelves. what there was pretty pathetic, and the only book that actually caught my attention was a book by dan brown, just because it had familiar book cover. while i checked through there was a world atlas book that i was pretty sure never has been opened in the last ten years. every page was covered with dust and not just dust, the kind of dust that you only see in movies.

so back to that nap, i woke up with a sharp pain and its been a week since then and i am finally getting up to use my muscles. it is no fun.

and what is this about picking grey hairs?

what most people don't know abhout me is that i grew up picking grey hairs from both my parents heads. and i am trying to do that good deed that i did when i was a small kid. i think, if you grew up in the before the advent of computers, our parents made us do something constructive, like play outside and invent games and if you stayed at home for too long, pick grey hairs. so, out of memories and respect for my father, i had been picking grey hairs and he loves it.

i don't know if qallunaat do that and they probablt find it gross and weird but it is a source of bonding between me and my father and mother, where we gently talk and discuss issues and watch TV. its kind of like group meditation and collect thoughts because you are kind of forced to be corteous and polite with your words.

anyways. i don't know when the next time i'll be writing again. just in case, good luck. if i do come back, i'll think of something genius to write about next time.


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