Sunday, January 17, 2010


I had wrote this piece back in August of 2009, basically out of sheer desperation to write something. Any form of creative writing should be welcomed by Inuit. We should demand novels, poems, and essays rather than health reports and "state of the Inuit" reports or such boring crap. We have been written in reports as if we are disappearing, even from our own organizations. I know some of the reports accurately depict life in our communities but with such deplorable explanations of life, it diminishes our expectation for life.

Even short stories will tend to have an effect on society where it comes from, no matter how small.

ELMO is an acronym for a new organization that is being started up by thoughtless and irresponsible E-Know-Its. It stands for: E-Know-It Liberation Movement Organization.

ELMO tries to represent people who call themselves Inuit or Eskimos or however they want to be called. it strives to collectively recuperate the lost tea and biscuits the people couldn't have in the early 19th century and early 20th century.

In a interview with it's reclusive "leader", who can't be named for criminal activity reasons, he stated the intentions of the organization.

what is ELMO?

Elmo is a stuffed animal created by Sesame Street in the early 70's, who achieved fame in the 90's with it tickle me Elmo doll. it's rather creep and high pitched.

No, what is your organization ELMO?

Oh, sorry, i was phasing out, looking out the window. ELMO is a organization that was started after a realization that the colonizers of our lands were tea drinkers and they brought in the infamous hard biscuit and the pilot biscuits, that go so well with tea, and that this realization culminated from drinking tea. ELMO strives to bring back "sivataarvik" which is Saturday in your language, which means: the day to receive biscuits. With this first mission, we plan to bring the community to its grassroots policies, instead of this assimilation and integration policies, that brings us further away from our people.

Why E-Know-It?

the current young population is the first generation to have the knowledge of the wide range of information and the internet and what people call E-commerce. We just basically know it. And you may not know it, our people love to say "Eeee" when they are disgusted or astonished by something. It's a kind of a play on words, combining Inuit, knowledge, Eskimo, and we are working on our way to E-Commerce. Does that suffice?

Yes it does. and what are you liberating yourself from and is it really a movement?

Well, liberation from the constrictions of the world economy and produce our own form of monetary management, without using the capitalist and socialist systems. we are liberating ourselves from that. and yes, how dare you challenge that it's not a movement, when it surely is. I may be the only member at the moment but i plan on doing an extensive media campaign and public relations tour around our territories which cover the whole arctic archipelago and circumpolar north. you dig?


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