Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Conversation with T.J. Akulukjuk

Have you every thought of talking to yourself? Or do you already have a daily conversation with yourself?

Maybe the real thing about going insane is that you start believing that you are not yourself. I know i am myself, because i pinch myself every morning just to make sure. When i pinch myself, i feel myself saying ouch and it is not someone else. My cat would know that i am going crazy and leave me, so until then, i am not crazy and talking to myself.

What do you think of the world outside T.J.?

Snow and wet. The worse thing about living down south is that the snow is never the same. Well, it is the same, I guess, its just the presence of so many people that ruins the joy of snow. The people are enjoying the hockey game that Canada is playing and they have no idea what it is like to lose your own land. The outside is so full of itself, so full of ego and so full of hate and hardly any joy or gratefulness. The outside is full of fake compassion.

So how about seals?

Seals are cute and tasty. But the tasty wins over any cuteness in the world. The people who see animals and see nothing but cute have never had to struggle. Only through struggling, through physical ordeal and endurance will people appreciate the environment. If you never have frozen your ears or cheeks on a hard winter caribou hunt, you have no right to reduce my culture to a caricature. If you never had to eat nothing but crumbs of bannock because you ran out of food other than country food, you have no right to oppose my people's right to continue their traditional existence. Seals are creations of the earth and this earth is sacred, so is everything part of earth.

Left or Right?

It's not a questions if it's left or right, not even if it's bottom or top. What matters is the discussions of everything around us without being labelled anything. We are all of the political or social parties. We can all become rich or poor or we can all become conservative or liberals. If that is so, then we are just as the same as everyone, regardless if its Stephen Harper or Jack Layton. Our feelings may not be as sensitive as people suggest, we are a people with a consensus government that encourages people talk to each other. We are more democratic in many ways than the freest of people.

How about tradition?

Ha ha. Tradition... I recently realized that i am becoming a conservative when it comes to traditional activities, especially drum dancing and throat singing. I just believe that we have made them to be playthings, too much entertainment and not much soul. I am creating a new traditional dance that people can use rather than drum dancing all the time. It's called the Macarena!


My government's should be scared of me, rather than us being scared of the government. The government pretends to listen but they never get to work. i wish i were a government servant so that i can have a pension for the rest of my life. I basically have no respect for governments of any kind. Well, maybe i care about Ghana, but everything else is just cakes and cream, or whatever that saying is.


One of the greatest inventions of the mind that has ruined more lives than all the wars combined and all the atomic bombs added. money is not only the root of all evil, it is also the tip of all goodness. The tip is usually pointy as an ice pack and has to be picked up carefully.

Any advice?

My only advice would be to have fun. laughing is one of the best that evolution has given us. Laughter has the a better chance of surviving than frowning. I try to laugh everyday, even if it's on my own, watching a movie or reading. Fun is more medicine than emotion. emotion is suggestions while fun is the action.


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