Monday, February 22, 2010

The joy of being colonized!

I am not admitting defeat.

I am merely challenging the fact of colonization by accepting and embracing the good parts of it. Actually, i never really had a chance to confront colonization until now, personally and trying to write about it.


I think everyone is colonized and some people just realize it better than others. For instance the aboriginal people's of the world just seem to notice colonization sooner and more plainly than the majority of the world. For people who are noticing globalization, that is colonization at its best.

If i were not colonized, i would never have had school, never would have read a book, never would have fired a rifle, never would have driven a snowmobile, never would have flown on an airplane, never would have eaten vietnamese, chinese, thai food at all, never would have tasted hummus.

Colonization is a part of life, even white people are colonized, maybe even more so than the aboriginal population. They have been colonized so far they they intend to colonize for the rest of their history. They have created policies and and taught in schools how to properly colonize people better than many people. They have become so good at it they don't realize the depth of their colonized minds. They defend colonialism and are willing to die for it, just as the Canadian and american troops are doing in Afghanistan. They colonize themselves so well that the questions about school and their governance system has failed through out the years.

I take the pleasure of being colonized by buying books that further colonize my mind. I take pleasure in eating the food that the Canadian have made their own which i get unhealthier from. I take pleasure in the fact that i make paper currency one of my cornerstone activities and will be for the rest of my life. I have rubber boots in Pang that were made from petroleum products and i had to pay for the rubber boots which further contributes to an economy that id hardly regulated even thought it is far from being natural.

I am not afraid of being colonized and the earlier i accept the fact that there are people that want to change my life, the better i have a chance of actually realizing the scope of lost i will have to endure. And by accepting anything less than colonization, I will have a better chance preserving anything that they are trying to get rid of, like seal hunting and whaling.

My name is Tommy. I like long slow walks on puddled roads during August when the moon just came back. I like eating frozen foods with Soya sauce slathered on them. I like reading on a soft comfortable chair and learn about Che, the history of reading and the occupational hazards of being a politician.

My name is Tommy and i willing to decolonize myself by admitting that i am an colonizer myself.


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