Sunday, March 7, 2010

The single goalie dilemma

"He shoots, he scores" says Don Cherry after Stephen Harper scores on the net of the lone team leader of Nunavut Leona Aglukkaq.

Nunavut - one riding - one MP for a region that is the size of 2,093,190 km². That is roughly the size of Europe. It is the largest riding in all of Canada and second in the world, next to Kalgoorlie, which is in Australia.
That is a big piece of land!

That is 1/5th of Canada and only one person to represent, not only the people, but all of the animals, the air and the land, which i think, we can agree are more important than us human beings.

i always imagine the lone MP from Nunavut composing of his or her own team and i imagine the person always playing goalie. And you are facing another 200 something other players and many of them have a whole team, such as Ontario and Quebec and can spare some extra players to keep them going. Actually, Quebec has such a good team now that they are trying to create their own league and play in their own rules.

So, I hope you can see, my MP, even though she is a minister and has a high profile department - she can only play the goalie part for the Nunavut team. Maybe once in a while, she'll get a chance to shoot the puck down the ice, but that is more likely to be done out of pity for the lone player from teams like Quebec or Saskatchewan.

Nunavut has a perpetual chance of losing the game and the unintentional supporters always ended up cheering for the losing team, much like supporting the Toronto Maple Leafs.

And admit it: our MP is no Martin Brodeur or Patrick Roy.

Maybe it's time we asked for a team and give us a chance!


Robin said...

Maybe it's time to elect someone who plays a different sport.

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