Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What was the Nunavut dream?


It's hards to start with Nunavut as a sentence unless you want to explain the basic and general information.

This post is geared towards the 50% of the population that are in or getting out of high school and to those who are thinking of further education. This is for you.

I am not going to try to even answer a question for you. All i want is free thoughts going around, even just amongst your head.

Nunavut means "Our Land" obviously, and it connotes a commune in some ways, to me anyways, as it sounds like we own everything as a people. our land.

What do you want to see in Nunavut?

What kind of society do you envision when you want to live up there?

Do you even want to be part of Nunavut or do you feel it's a obligation to be from Nunavut?

What legislations are appropriate for all residences of Nunavut?

How do you see justice being served in Nunavut?

Do you think adopting the twelve Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit principles as policies of the government are good ideas?

Do you feel the need to elect your own premier rather than the MLA's electing it for you?

Are the current politicians and law enforcers the people that should make decisions for you?


Tommy Eh said...

You are the designer of your future!

Way Way Up said...

I could probably say anything since I no longer live there and work for the GN. I think Nunavut is by far the most under-appreciated and under-valued part of Canada which is sad considering just how much of the country Nunavut encompasses. One thing that has always struck me is just how far behind Canada is in serving its northern residents when compared to much more progressive places like Greenland or Norway. The cost to do anything is astromonical there. The costs of doing nothing even worse.

I can also add that I think Nunavut's Premier should be directly elected by the electorate than by MLA's. It won't cut out all the cronyism on the part of politicians but it would be a good place to start.

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